The RNV14 from Stackpole (Raleigh, NC) is a ¼ watt high-voltage, metal film resistor which, is able to withstand environments with high moisture. The high-voltage metal film element features:

  • A maximum working voltage of ,1600  VDC and 1,150 VAC. 
  • Surges of up to 7 KV per IEC60065.14.1.
  • A robust film and special protective coating that allows prolonged exposure to 200°C heat and humidity levels of 90% RH+.
  • Applicability in high-voltage power supplies and controls; robotics, medical devices, test equipment, welding equipment; plasma cutters, network equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, aerospace, and industrial automation.
  • Availability in ammo pack and tape and reel packaging. 

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