Harnessing the emerging global network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Roke Manor Research Ltd (Roke), a Chemring Group company, has proven 3GPP ANDSF and OMA-DM compliance with its SmartSwitch subscriber engagement and connection management app.

SmartSwitch provides a world-first capability in the measurement and management of user experience with a breakthrough combination of 3GPP network policy, user preferences and network quality assessment. SmartSwitch can now be integrated with a wide range of Policy platforms to provide dynamic network discovery, selection and customer interaction.

The SmartSwitch ‘Policy on the Device’ client provides a flexible framework for operators to enhance subscriber experience and reduce network costs. SmartSwitch intelligently combines network ANDSF choices, full awareness of available network quality and subscriber preferences to deliver a proven uplift in experience of mobile data. With SmartSwitch, operators can deliver new models of personalisation and monetization.

Roke’s SmartSwitch is a key component for leading independent policy vendors wishing to extend policy to the mobile device, delivering:

  • Improved performance of data connectivity, device battery life and network – balancing Quality of Service and utilization to give a best connected experience in an increasingly complex multi-network environment.
  • Protection of subscribers - minimizing both bill-shock and the impact of harmful apps that can otherwise damage device performance and cause network outages.
  • Personalization of user experience - delivering the highest performance in contextual marketing and boosting revenues through point-of-need upselling.

SmartSwitch is compliant to 3GPP TS 24.312 for network discovery and selection and OMA-DM for policy transport. SmartSwitch also utilises device specific messaging protocols to integrate the delivery of dynamic messages and context aware user experience reporting into the policy core.

SmartSwitch is available for Android, iOS and embedded Linux devices.

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