Rogers Corporations (Chandler, AZ) [NYSE:ROG] next generation RO4000 materials, RO4835 high-frequency laminates, specially formulated with improved oxidation resistance were developed for applications needing a special level of electrical stability over time and temperature, while maintaining the cost advantages of a thermoset, FR-4 processable material. 

Just as with RO4350B material, RO4835 laminates offer:

  • A dielectric constant of 3.48 @ 10 GHz.
  • A low loss tangent of 0.0037 @ 10 GHz.
  • A low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • x- and y-axis expansion coefficients similar to that of copper.
  • RoHS compliance.

Rogers’ RT/duroid, RO3000 and RO4000 laminates feature:

  • Availability in several thicknesses of 1.5, 2, and 3 mm.
  • A low dielectric constant of 2.94.
  • A low dissipation factor of less than 0.003 in the z axis @ 10 GHz.
  • A proprietary cross-linking resin system that supports sequential bond processing.
  • Controlled flow characteristics for excellent blind via fill results.

Rogers’ halogen-free MCL-HE-679G/THETA laminates and prepreg products feature:

  • RoHS-compliant MCL-HE-679G/THETA circuit materials.
  • A relative dielectric constant of 3.90 in the z-direction @ 1 GHz.
  • A low dissipation factor of 0.009 @ 1 GHz.
  • A coefficient of thermal expansion  of only 50 ppm/°C in the z direction.

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