Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) (Meriden, CT) has announced its new ICA12-50JPLW white plenum-rated coaxial cable, the latest addition to its popular ClearFillLine of plenum-rated wideband cables for in-building applications. Additionally, RFS has announced the availability of plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers, which will provide a time-saving, cost effective, and high-performance solution addressing the need for short runs of coaxial cable.

RFS’s plenum-rated wideband cables feature:

  • A test rating up to 6 GHz.
  • Outstanding electrical performance and support in all wireless in-building applications.
  • Cable standards of CMP, ETL listed to UL444.
  • Canadian CSA C.22.2/FT6 compliance.
  • Low-flame-spread and low-smoke characteristics.

RFS’s ICA12-50JPLW is a 1/2" plenum-rated low loss air dielectric cable features:

  • Support for multiple RF signals.
  • A solid outer conductor of the ClearFillLine coaxial cable.
  • A continuous RFI/EMI shield that minimizes system interference.
  • A multi-step cleaning procedure, which removes impurities, virtually eliminating intermods.

RFS’s plenum-rated factory-fit jumpers feature:

  • Availability in 6, 9, and 12ft sizes.
  • Factory-fit, soldered on connectors.
  • Fast deployment.
  • Plenum-rated, low flame spread, low smoke jacket.
  • Continuous star-dielectric spline.

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