Imec (San Francisco, CA), in collaboration with Panasonic Corporation (Japan), has presented at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC2013) a 60 GHz radio transceiver chipset with low power consumption that delivers high data rates over short distances. Imec drastically boosted the link budget of the system by introducing beamforming  into the radio architecture. This multi-Gbit 60GHz chipset paves the way toward small size, low-power, low-cost, high-data rate solutions for battery-operated consumer devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Features include:

  • A receiver and a transmitter chip that are based on a direct, conversion architecture combined with an on-chip phased-array architecture.
  • 40 nm low-power digital CMOS technology.
  • 4 antenna paths.
  • Compact mm-wave CMOS layout techniques.
  • A 1.1 V power supply.
  • A data rate of 2.31 Gbps.
  • A 3 dB scan angle range around 120°.
  • IEEE802.11ad standard.

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