Chroma Systems Solutions (Foothill Ranch, CA) has announced the release of their new 19020 Series Multichannel Hipot tester. A brand new architecture enables the 19020 Multichannel Hipot tester to measure Hipot leakage current of all channels at the same time and conduct tests on a maximum of 100 DUTs simultaneously increasing regulatory test efficiency and productivity. Features include:

  • A synchronous Hipot test function that allows 1 single unit to perform 10 channels sync output and measurements at the same time.
  • A max of 10 units that can be controlled for 100 channels in total.
  • A difference of high-voltage discharge of up to 14 kV peak-peak causing damage to the fixture and erroneous testing.
  • An I/O interface, which reports test results individually and collectively simultaneously.
  • Memory recall for easy implementation in automated environments.
  • Flashover detection and Open/Short Check.

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