Telit Wireless Solutions has announced the market introduction of the LE70-868 point-to-point, star-topology, short-range wireless module for the European multi-kilometer range wired-to-wireless network migration market in application areas such as solar/wind farms and agricultural automation. The new module operates on the 868 MHz European ISM license-free frequency allowing manufacturers to quickly integrate wireless communication, control, and sensor nodes replacing wire-networked models and fully meeting regulatory compliance on the short-range radio link. Additional features include:

  • A high 500 mW configurable radio output power.
  • A sensitivity of 112 dBbm.
  • An operating range of up to 10 Km.
  • An ultra-low 1 μA standby current.
  • Applicability in soil moisture monitors, hall-effect closure detectors, and PIR surveillance devices.
  • A housing that measures 26 x 15 mm.
  • Data rates up to 57.7 Kbps.

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