Taoglas USA, Inc. (San Diego, CA) has  launched the FXP.611 Cloud, a GPS/Glonass flexible loop antenna that outperforms most active patch antennas with an efficiency of 80% and a peak gain of 3dBi across the GPS and Glonass bands (1,575 to 1,610 Mhz). This antenna:

  • Has a unique ability to resist external detuning effects due to dual resonance.
  • Has a small form factor of 38 x 37 x 0.1mm. 
  • Has a peel and stick mounting design that is suitable for any GPS/Glonass M2M device.
  • Eliminates the need for a filter or low-noise amplifier.
  • Radiates power uniformly with an omnidirectional design, making it suitable for use in devices that have fixed positions.

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