Hittite Microwave Corporation (Chelmsford, MA) has released a compact, dual-channel 32 Gbps Mach-Zehnder Optical Modulator Driver to further expand its fiber optics portfolio to support the next generation of 40 and 100 Gbps Metro and Long-haul applications. The HMC6620BG is the first dual channel modulator driver that features:

  • A compact BGA package (13.76 x 13 x 3.63 mm) with excellent channel-to-channel isolation of > 30 dB up to 30 GHz.
  • Optional top or bottom cooling capability to ease space constrained module designs.
  • High gain of 30 dB across a wide frequency range.
  • Low power dissipation.
  • An integrated peak detector function, fast rise/fall time, and integrated bias-tee inductor.
  • 8 Vp-p saturated output swing up to 32 Gbps.
  • Output swing cross point adjustment.
  • A supply operating range from +5 to +7 V.
  • 0.9 W of power with output swing of 6 V and supply @ +5 V.
  • An operating temperature range from -5 ° to +85 °C.

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