Cypress Semiconductor introduced the newest members of the TrueTouch® Gen4 touchscreen controller line. Gen4X controllers offer the industry’s highest noise immunity, and were designed for cost-sensitive platforms including models for the rapidly growing China smartphone market. They deliver unparalleled performance in the presence of all noise sources—the biggest challenge faced by touchscreen designs—and support both in-cell and SLIM™ single-layer structures to meet system-level price points needed to drive high volumes in emerging markets. Improvements to the family’s analog front-end minimized size and enabled twice the charger noise immunity of previous Gen4 offerings, which have gained popularity with industry leaders around the world due to outstanding performance in noisy environments. More information on the new Gen4X controller family is available online at
“The China smartphone market is exploding, and Cypress’s TrueTouch solutions deliver superior performance for those platforms,” said John Carey, Senior Director of TrueTouch Marketing for Cypress. “Gen4X extends the Gen4 family leadership by offering the world’s first price-sensitive solutions that outperform all competitors in noise immunity.”
Gen4X provides the world’s most robust immunity to charger noise: up to 15V peak-to-peak (Vpp) from 1 – 500 kHz, with a 0.5-mm cover lens and a 22-mm-wide finger. Gen4X takes signal-to-noise ratio to unmatched heights, thanks to Cypress’s unique ability to deliver on-chip 10V Tx and proprietary Tx-Boost™ multi-phase Tx solution.
Gen4X also delivers high-performance, multitouch functionality with customizable advanced features, including Cypress’s industry-leading waterproofing capability. The entire Gen4 family works flawlessly with moisture on the touchscreen and/or with wet fingers. These features are enabled by Cypress’s unique, patent-pending ability to provide both self and mutual capacitance sensing on the same chip.
Fast, Low-Power System Solutions
Gen4X employs the same 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ core that is at the heart of the Gen4 family to deliver the best combination of speed and low-power consumption. The family easily delivers a refresh rate of 150 Hz, and a deep-sleep mode that only draws 4.5 uW with wake-up initiated via address match on the COM port.
Gen4X devices offer up to 36 capacitive sensing I/Os for ideal sensor pitch with screens up to 5 inches, support standalone CapSense® touch-sensing buttons, and drive both in-cell structures and SLIM single-layer sensors. Gen4X is the first toucschreen controller family to bring Superphone performance to emerging markets.
Touch Leadership
Cypress’s touch-sensing portfolio is the industry’s broadest and most well adopted, encompassing TrueTouch®, CapSense®, and TrackPad solutions. The company’s IP portfolio is unmatched, including true, single-layer sensor solutions for dramatically reduced touchscreen costs and self and mutual capacitance sensing on the same chip that enables advanced features such as waterproofing, proximity sensing, support for 1-mm stylus, and hover.
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December 10, 2012