Omron Network Products, LLC (ONP) announced the general availability of its new optical subsystem, the SX51-02E, beginning immediately.

The new subsystem is capable of handling HDMI, USB and Ethernet over five transmit lanes and one receive lane on a single strand of multimode fiber. The 02E is scalable to HDMI™ 1080P with 16-bit color, offers system designers the quickest time to market among comparable components, and is designed to deliver ultimate customer flexibility.

Key features of the SX51-02E subsystem include:
•Compatibility with HDMI-compliant sources and sinks
•Accepts TMDS inputs directly into its 40-pin plug-down connector
•Support for USB 1.1 peripheral interconnect functionality
•Support for 10/100 Ethernet networking functionality
•Support for HDCP/EDID/CEC/ARC consumer electronics functionality
•Support for infrared pass-through, from the sink to the source
•Automatic laser disable upon fiber disconnect

The 02E subsystem is the newest product in the SX51 line to debut this year. To schedule an appointment and see a demonstration of any of the new products, contact an ONP sales representative.

Omron Network Products


November 29, 2012