TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. has introduced its first four high-performance Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) GPS diplexer modules that are nearly three times smaller than ceramic diplexers. The new family can employ any TriQuint CSP5 packaged RF filter, with the first four devices focused on the low loss / high attenuation GPS needs of commercial and defense systems including communications, ECCM and navigation.

TriQuint’s new SAW diplexers are released in conjunction with the European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Amsterdam. Visit TriQuint in Booth 311 or request a meeting with our representatives to review benefits of the new 5x5x2mm diplexer family.

TriQuint’s new design and manufacturing flexibility enables customers to receive high-performance diplexer solutions customized to their needs with delivery times comparable to standard product cycles. This rapid delivery makes it possible for manufacturers to change filters during production cycles, eliminating the need for ‘one size fits all’ compromises while speeding time to market.

Diplexers enable signals from a single input to be split into two pathways at different frequencies. They are commonly used in both receivers and transmitters. Diplexers rely on core component filters to provide sought-after performance, such as high levels of attenuation between the two signal paths to reject interference. Low signal loss is also central to maximizing performance.

TriQuint’s first four diplexers provide outputs in two GPS bands with significant rejection between them. This high rejection along with low insertion loss and broad bandwidth are achieved through the use of TriQuint’s proven SAW technology. This portfolio delivers performance comparable to other filter products typically used in communications, navigation and ECCM applications, but with significant size and weight advantages. Since any TriQuint CSP5 packaged device can be used in the company’s diplexer modules, customers can select different filters from those offered in the first four releases. Tailoring performance to specific applications without typical custom design cycle times is a key benefit of the new diplexer module approach.

TriQuint’s first new diplexers include the 890084 and 890085 that serve GPS bands L1 and L2, and 890086 and 890087 that serve GPS bands L1 and L5. Each one of the pairs is optimized either for high attenuation (890084 and 890086) or low insertion loss (890085 and 8990087). The high-rejection models deliver attenuation as high as 47dB and the low-loss models have insertion loss as low as 0.25dB. Other characteristics of all four SAW diplexers include 20.46 MHz usable bandwidths, high return loss, and elimination of the need for external matching to 50 ohms, which greatly simplifies designs and reduces bills of materials.

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October 26, 2012