The MRO Series is designed to extend the life of legacy analog and digital (T1/E1) microwave radios by replacing cavity-tuned oscillators which have been discontinued, obsoleted, or are otherwise no longer supported by original equipment manufacturers. The MRO operates in the S, C and X frequency bands and features form-fit-function compatibility with older, manually-tuned cavity oscillators. 

Unlike the cavity-tuned oscillators, the MRO has no warm-up time and no frequency drift since it is a phase-locked oscillator.  Also, the MRO is serially-programmable to within 1 KHz of desired frequency which can then be manually tuned to a precise desired frequency of operation. The device includes an internal reference and non-volatile memory.

Custom units are available in 200 MHz bandwidths in the S, C and X-Band frequency ranges (2 to 8 GHz) in a connectorized package of just 3.05 x 2.02 x 1.62 inches.  Additionally, EM Research will provide a customized mounting plate with each device for easy drop-in replacement of old cavity-tuned oscillators.

EM Research, Inc. offers the most complete lineup of standard and custom-designed signal control products in the wireless industry.  The company specializes in miniature surface-mount, modular and connectorized phase-locked oscillators and frequency synthesizers from 5 MHz to over 40 GHz.

EM Research designs and manufactures all products in Reno, Nevada USA.

EM Research, Inc. 


October 22, 2012