State of the Art (SOTA), Inc. introduces a new line of temperature variable attenuator (TVA) for both high reliability and commercial applications.

Available in a 1512 case size (.150" X .125" X .020") with single surface solderable or wire bondable terminations.

The attenuation of these TVA's decrease with increasing temperature allowing the TVA to passively compensate for the amplifier's drop in gain with temperature.This kind of
signal compensation can be used for various amplifiers (power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, MMIC amplifiers, and gain block amplifiers),circulators, mixers, power
dividers, and other temperature sensitive devices. TVA's have the added benefit of lower signal distortion, phase change, and intermodulation compared to active circuit
temperature compensation.

These devices operate between DC and 6 GHz, with attenuation between 1-10 dB. They are offered in three temperature coefficient of attenuation (TCA) values -0.003, -0.007, and -0.009 dB/dB/C. The power handling capability is 2 watts with a 50 ohm load. High reliability and space screening is also available.

Founded over forty years ago, State of the Art is dedicated to producing the  highest quality resistive products for mission-critical applications.  Primary markets include aerospace, communications, satellite, biomedical, defense and other industries.

All product lines are manufactured in the USA at SOTA's ISO 9001/ AS 9100 registered manufacturing facility, where reliability is assured by SOTA's proven processes, and rigid quality controls.

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September 13, 2012