Dow Corning is featuring here at Touch Taiwan 2012 important process advances in spray coating technology for easy-to-clean touch screens and displays. These advances are the result of the company’s extensive expertise in processing techniques and Dow Corning® 2634 Coating, a material developed for use in the spray coating of touch screens and monitors. The coating first goes on as a low-viscosity silicone liquid that later dries to form a transparent, durable thin film that provides excellent resistance to water, oil, stains and abrasion. It also delivers a low coefficient of friction to enhance touch screen feel and functionality. These spray coating advances highlight Dow Corning’s growing portfolio of advanced silicone product and process technologies for this increasingly dynamic and fast-growing electronics industry sector.

“Dow Corning began to proactively develop its 2634 Coating early on when we determined that demand for touch panel devices would accelerate,” said Steve Block, Dow Corning associate industry scientist. “Based on our expertise in coating technologies, we specifically engineered the new technology to enhance ease of application, improve aesthetics, and increase the user experience. But our ultimate goal is to provide global touch screen manufacturers greater flexibility when choosing how to apply coatings, to help them optimize productivity, differentiate their products and gain competitive advantage.”
Dow Corning’s 2634 spray coating dries within minutes at room temperature under controlled humidity. After cure, it creates a thin, highly transparent, protective film that is easy to clean, reduces staining, increases durability and improves the user experience.
Available globally, the 2634 spray technology complements Dow Corning’s widely used 2634WP easy-to-clean coating for physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes and expands application options for cover glass on touch panel displays. Specifically, the continuous, spray coating offers a more cost- and time-effective alternative to PVD’s (pelletized) batch processing, while enabling deposition of thin layer coatings on touch panels for mobile devices. Other target applications include larger screens for tablet computers, all-in-one computers, and presentation and television monitors.
Both 2634 and 2634WP coatings form a strong covalent bond to glass, plastic, ceramic or metal; maintain the appearance of the substrate; and resist wear from frequent use. Selection criteria for a spray or PVD coating solution include performance properties, availability of application technologies and expertise and total system cost to create an easy-to-clean surface. Dow Corning’s high-performance coating solutions can add significant value to today’s consumer electronic devices.
“To help customers optimize their spray coating or PVD processes, we offer extensive technical support and expertise in process optimization including analytics, on-site testing and application development,” Block added. “In fact, Dow Corning is more than just a material supplier; we’re a full-service strategic solutions partner that strives to help customers achieve the best results they can.”
Block will deliver a presentation at Touch Taiwan on Thursday, Aug. 30 from 1:55 to 2:20 p.m. (in conference room 401 of the Nangang Exhibition Hall). Entitled, Advances in Functional Surface Technology, the presentation will discuss recent breakthroughs in spray application processes for easy-to-clean coatings that enhance the durability, aesthetics and overall end-user experience for touch panels and display surfaces.

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August 30, 2012