Designing transits with CAD programs can be time consuming.  Roxtec Transit Manager Software (RTM) 3.0 allows electrical engineers to reduce design time and cost through auto-planning.  An engineer can easily enter cables manually or import project data from external cable schedules to generate automatic packing plans, and then simply print material lists for purchase.


Electrical cable and pipe designers can also calculate the weight of transits, tag cables, and make changes to transits at any time.  Drawings and plans can be exported as .dxf files, and the created geometries can be imported into CAD programs.

In addition, the transit plans allow each project to be documented, identified and labeled, and every frame opening to be shown as a photograph. The packing plans can be handed to installers for safe installation. The packing plans and the materials list minimize the risk for error and simplify logistics so only the right products are brought on site.

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Roxtec's Transit Manager Software simplifies planning, design and installation of cable and pipe transits and allows electrical designers to save time at no additional cost.

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August 27, 2012