Woodstream Corporation now offers the Red Snap'r brand of electric fence chargers.

These chargers, available in solar, DC- and AC-power, supply the energy needed to run electric fencing systems that keeps livestock and other farm animals in, while helping to deter predatory animals.

Red Snap'r's 30-mile solar low impedance charger, the most powerful solar-powered charger manufactured in the United States, is designed for installation in heavily weeded conditions and is capable of working day and night for up to two weeks without sun. The charger features a solar setting switch for optimum performance and battery life.

This unique charger has a 5 joule output at 400 ohms and includes two 6 volt batteries. The charger has a solar panel rating of 12 volts per 5 watts of power. A flashing "fence OK' light on the charger lets the operator know that the fence is working properly. A two-year limited warranty with lightning damage protection is included.

The Red Snap'r 10-mile solar low impedance charger is ideal for use in moderate, low weed conditions. This charger has a 0.15 joule output and includes a 6 volt battery with pulsed DC output. Once the battery is fully charged it can operate up to two weeks with no sun.

The charger can be installed quickly on T-posts, round wood posts, Y-posts, buildings and flat surfaces with a unique, integrated mount. An at-a-glance indicator light flashes when fence is charged. This solar charger comes with a one-year warranty.

The Red Snap'r 100-mile AC low impedance charger features a 6 joule output at 75 ohms and a three-year warranty when registered on-line.

The 200-mile AC low impedance charger from Red Snap'r features a 16 joule output at 75 ohms and a three-year warranty when registered online.

Both the 100-mile and the 200-mile AC low impedance chargers have a fuseless design, work in heavy, weeded conditions and are part of the Red Snap'r POW'R Series, which includes energizers that are 50 miles or more in range. The chargers feature 115 volts of power with a 60 cycle pulsed output. Storm guard lightning protection, digital timing and an indicator light showing that the fence controller is in operation is included with both chargers.


Posted by Sara Cohen, Editorial Intern

July 2, 2012