TEKO have extended their popular range of Smart ‘Easy-Mount’ enclosures. These universal enclosures incorporate external mounting ears which allow fast mounting to walls, machines, furniture or any vertical or horizontal surface. There is no need to open the case.

Typical applications will include remote sensing and detection devices, RF equipment, switching units, security devices and connection nodes.

The Smart ‘Easy-Mount’ enclosures are molded in high-impact polystyrene (UL 94 HB). Two standard colors are offered, off-white RAL 9002, or black RAL 9004. The cases consist of a top and base molding which are assembled by self-tapping screws.

The thin base part incorporates two mounting ears, and the deep top part includes internal screw pillars for PCBs. The top part can be easily machined for LED, switches, connectors etc.

Three new sizes of Smart case have been added to the existing range of five sizes, these have external dimensions of 4.37” x 4.37” in heights of 0.70”, 1.22” and 1.69”. The Smart cases are also offered without the mounting ears, for hand-held or table-top devices. Prices start at $7.

TEKO can supply the Smart enclosures fully customized with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and controls, plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be moulded in alternative colors.


Posted by Sara Cohen, Editorial Intern

July 23, 2012