Standex-Meder Electronics announces the RM05-8A-S 8-pole PCB mount reed relay module. Equipped with a new generation of drivers, the RM05-8A-S PCB mount reed relay module offers a 24% smaller footprint than the RM05-8A. It has a minimum breakdown voltage of 210 VDC. Power switching up to 10 watts is available, and comes with coil voltage of 5 VDC.

The RM05-8A-S features gold-plated leads for improved solderability, with a standardized dual-in-line pin layout (2mm raster). No external activation electronics are required, cutting down on wiring costs, and the RM05-8A-S also requires reduced assembly time. This relay is also available with parallel activation electronics.

RM05-8A-S 8-pole PCB mount reed relay module:

- 24% smaller footprint - minimum breakdown voltage of 210 VDC

- power switching up to 10 watts

- comes with a coil voltage of 5 VDC

- gold-plated leads for improved solderability

- standardized dual-in-line pin layout (2mm raster)

- no external activation electronics are required (reduces wiring costs and assembly time)

- relay available with parallel activation electronics

- RoHS compliant

Like all of Standex-Meder’s reed relay modules, the RM05-8A-S is RoHS compliant and can perform millions of reliable operations. It is not currently available through distribution, but samples can be requested from Standex-Meder factories.


Posted by Sara Cohen, Editorial Intern

July 17, 2012