Digital Six Laboratories announced the release of a new low cost embedded wireless module: the MRF-900-TCMP. It is available from stock now and sells for $9.90 in quantities from 1-999 via our on-line web store.

The MRF-900-TCMP is based on the Si1000 RFIC from Silicon Labs and is a self-contained, fully tested surface mountable RF module. It is the industry’s smallest (.43” x .991”), lowest power (<0.1uA sleep), highest performance (141dB link budget), and lowest cost (<$10) RF module and is suitable for any embedded wireless application.

With 100mW transmit power and receiver sensitivity on the order of -121dBm, it offers the world best link budget for a low cost RF module.  The MRF-900-TCMP can communicate over distances in excess of a mile in open-field LOS conditions, and 1000+ feet indoors.

The module supports OOK/FSK/GFSK modulation and can operate at data rates from 2K-125K bits/second.

Internally, the module encapsulates a high-performance 8051 microcontroller with 64K of flash and 4K of RAM.  Peripherals include 10-bit A/D, PWM, Timer/Counter, UART, SPI, I2C, Voltage Comparators, and programmable current reference.  The integrated microcontroller offers best in class power performance requiring only 160uA per MHz of operating clock speed.

Battery powered applications are easy to address with the MRF-900-TCMP.  In sleep mode, the module draws 10nA with brown-out detection disabled and 50nA with brown-out enabled.  At full power in transmit mode with the micro operating at full speed, the module draws less than 90mA and in receive mode, the current is reduced to 22mA.  The transmitter power is adjustable from +1 to +20dBm via software.  The module’s allowable operating voltage range is 1.8-3.6V.

The module is available in 433.92, 868-870, and 902-928MHz versions.  Digital Six Laboratories offers a complete line of antennas and connectors to compliment the module; all are available at our web store.

The MRF-900-TCMP is compatible with OpenRF, the free open-source wireless protocol stack being developed by Digital Six Laboratories.  OpenRF supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint networking using single channel or FHSS modulation.  A battery powered mesh networking mode is in development now.

Additionally, the MRF-900-TCMP module supports the JwiK BriK Java run-time environment.  JwiK, which is an acronym for Java programmable Wireless Kontroller, is a free open-source Java VM created specifically for small microcontrollers deployed in wireless applications.  More information about the JwiK BriK™ project can be found on the Digital Six website.
Digital Six Laboratories, LLC is an embedded wireless technology company focused on providing high performance embedded wireless technologies and components and making them available at the best price to OEMs and hobbyists alike.  Our modules, antennas, and connectors are all imported at the lowest possible cost.  Our 1 for 1K Pricing™ program guarantees that every product we sell is sold at the 1K price regardless of the actual quantity.  To make embedded wireless technologies more accessible,  we are developing a number of open-source projects like OpenRF™ and JwiK™ and making them available to the community free of charge.

For more information about Digital Six Laboratories, the MRF-900-TCMP module, or any of our open source initiatives, please visit


Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

July 11, 2012