TE Connectivity's line of LGH High Voltage Connectors have been designed for numerous high performance applications including military and commercial aerospace. LGH connectors are lightweight, miniature, extremely reliable and maintain peak performance under high-temperature and high-altitude applications.

With no exposed high voltage parts, LGH connectors are designed for safe use, as well as fast connect/disconnect. They come pre-assembled for quick, easy installation, without the need for tools. Due to the excellent mechanical and dielectric strength of the connectors, they are able to resist vibration and shock.

“TE is a leading manufacturer of high voltage, high altitude, high temperature assemblies and connectors,” said Noel Thornton, Product Manager, TE Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “LGH connectors are designed to be the lightweight solution that can withstand wide temperature ranges and thrive under extreme elements.”

LGH connectors are also unaffected by ultra-violent light and are corona and radiation resistant, allowing use at high altitude without de-rating. The connectors have excellent shelf life due to their resistance to fungus, moisture, oil and chemicals.

The connectors come in either circular or rectangular versions, with silicone, PTFE or silicone-coated PTFE wire, and offer color coding for easy identification. TE offers single position to 13 position connectors. Hermitically-sealed receptacles and RFI shielding on lead assemblies are available.

For more information on TE's LGH High Voltage Connectors, contact the Product Information Center at (800) 522-6752 or visit TE's High Voltage Connector page.

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Posted by Sara Cohen, Editorial Intern

June 4, 2012