New Cambium PTP 800i All-Indoor Solution Brings Superior Performance and Power Efficiency to Long Distance Radio Communication Networks

Cambium PTP 800i All Indoor_IRFUlCambium Networks has introduced the powerful PTP 800i All-Indoor (PTP 800i) Solution designed to reduce or eliminate the challenges and costs of installing, accessing and maintaining outdoor wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) backhaul networks.

The new solution is the first commercially available indoor system to support Errorless and Hitless Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) with adaptive transmit power capabilities enabling operators to deliver broadband communications reliably over longer distances. A compact, rack-mountable indoor solution, the PTP 800i helps a broad range of customers—public safety, railroads, utilities, carriers and more—reduce dangerous, expensive tower climbs in difficult weather conditions from snow to hail to high winds and more. The indoor solutions also helps customers reduce initial capital expenditures and overall operating expenses up to 30 percent over traditional network solutions.

“Faced with increasingly challenging outdoor network installation and maintenance requirements, a growing number of our customers are seeking an indoor alternative that delivers the same reliablity and high performance they rely on Cambium for,” says Tony Cecchin, vice president, Product & Business Operations, Cambium Networks. “Our PTP 800i All-Indoor Solution is specifically designed to deliver high peformance and reliability during mission-critical situations—when millions of investment dollars or people’s lives are at stake.”

The PTP 800i solution provides the same advanced capabilities as a robust outdoor communications system in a platform that’s easy to install and maintain indoors. The PTP 800i enables ultra-reliable, high-performance transmission of data, voice and video over long distances with advanced interference mitigation and enhanced security features.

Advanced features of the PTP 800i solution include:

-    Up to 236 Mbps throughput
-    High transmit power up to 34 dBm
-    FCC and IC compliant 6 and 11 GHz licensed bands
-    Configurable channel bandwidths from 10 to 40 MHz
-    Proprietary air interface with the option to add greater security withFIPS-197 to protect over-the-air transmissions as well as options for 128/256-bit AES encryption and HTTPS/TLS and SNMP v3.

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Posted by Ron M. Seidel, Editorial Intern

February 23,2012