PhoenixContact-webThe new IPC 35 plugs and headers add touch-proof PCB connection to Phoenix Contact’s popular PC 35 terminal block system. Like the original PC 35 series, the inverted IPC 35 connectors can carry currents up to 115 Ampere (UL) and cable sizes of up to 2 AWG, the highest specifications currently available.

The IPC 35 series offers PCB-to-PCB and wire-to-wire connections. It is ideal for applications that need to take power from the PCB. The plug connectors and headers are also available in a four-pin version with an EMC-grade shield connection.

The insertion and withdrawal forces of the connectors are very low, considering the high power rating. This provides a user-friendly interface. The conductor connection is made by tightening the tension sleeve with a common screwdriver. The two- to six-pin plug connectors are equipped with screw flanges that reliably latch it to the header. The screw flange can also be used as a panel feed-through on the header side, providing additional stability within the device.

With centerline spacing of 15 mm, the connectors have received an unrestricted 600 V UL rating in compliance with UL1059. The IPC 35 series can be used in power electronics, frequency converters, motor connections, solar inverters and electric vehicle charging stations.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

February 1, 2012