The Focus Displays FSC Color LCD Display offers a low cost alternative to full color TFT and CSTN Displays. Field Sequential Displays aka as Custom Color FSC LCD Displays, implement an RGB backlight display technology to display brilliant bright colors at a fraction of the cost of TFT. This is done without the use of filters and allows for a white or black background that is sharper then that offered by a FSTN filter.

  •  Each Pixel/segments can display any of 8 different colors/colours

    • red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, black and white
  • Segments can display in seven standard colors with a white background (Positive mode) or with a black background (Negative mode)
  • Low power color LCD Display
  • High Contrast
    • FSC LCD = 300:1
    • TFT = 150:1
    • STN = 5:1
  • Low tooling cost.
    • Up to 80% cost savings compared to full-color, graphic TFT LCDs and CSTNs.
    • Low MOQ’s
  • Available in custom dimensions ranging from one inch squared to five inches

Custom FSC LCD Displays

See a FSC LCD Display in Action

Does your current product stand out?

Do you look just like your competitors?

Focus Displays is excited to offer the newest custom color LCD technology.

FSC displays allow you to design the color display around your product,
not the other way around.

What are the advantages of this new technology?

You choose the size of the display and the icons you need to make your
product stand out with Ultra bright colors.

Minimum order quantities are no longer in the thousands but a mere 500

Tooling costs are a fraction of TFT and OLED’s

The display operates in either a parallel or serial mode. (cereal/serial video)

And as always Focus displays offers US based inventory and customer support


Contact us concerning your design requirements.




Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 24, 2012