PEAR M4773Galtronics announced the commercial launch of PEAR M4773, its Dual Polarized MIMO In-Building Antenna, providing both vertical and horizontal polarization covering the MIMO 1710-2700 MHz band. The dual-polarized, co-located antenna (Model No: 02108262-04773) offers full MIMO performance, significantly enhancing data throughput for LTE in-building environments.

“One of the unique advantages in using our ‘single’ broadband MIMO antennas for LTE is the reduced time and expense for setting up the in-building MIMO network,” said Ephraim Ulmer, president and CEO of Galtronics. “Our PEAR M4773 with its two antennas in a single enclosure saves the cost and time of installing two spatially separated SISO antennas, as well as achieving greater performance – a key priority for building owners.”

This antenna extends the advantages of Galtronics’ enhanced line of MIMO antennas to carriers and mobile markets operating in the MIMO 1710-2700 MHz range. Najed Azzam, executive vice president for the Broadband Business unit added, “With this design we offer ‘full MIMO’ performance for those operators implementing LTE in the 1.8GHz and 2.6 GHz band and for those that are implementing HSPA+ MIMO at the AWS band. We do this in a small form factor maximizing the ‘in-building’ MIMO throughput through Galtronics’ unique cross-polarized omni antenna structure that offers improved RF patterns for coverage and MIMO performance.”

As in other Galtronics models, the PEAR M4773 antenna accomplishes MIMO in a single proprietary design to maximize coverage for the in-building environment. In addition to increased network data throughput, it offers cost and installation advantages to network operators and building owners.

Galtronics broadband solutions also help to “future-proof” installations for coming generations of enhanced LTE capabilities as building owners and network operators migrate from SISO to MIMO indoor performance.
“The Galtronics PEAR M4773 antenna is an extension of the benefits we continue to deliver through our revolutionary in-building PEAR antenna product line,” said Ephraim Ulmer, president and CEO of Galtronics Corporation Ltd. “Third-party on-site test results have proved the advantages of broadband MIMO capabilities for indoor installations. By offering the high performance of dual-polarization in a single antenna enclosure, we are extending this breakthrough performance to our customers operating in the upper bands – and we are setting the stage for further break-through announcements in the coming months.”

Galtronics recently overhauled its product nomenclature to better reflect its commitment to top quality MIMO and SISO antenna products. The company’s in-building antenna product line is now categorized under the name PEAR and identified by an “M” designation for MIMO products and an “S” designation for SISO products. The overall PEAR brand connotes the revolutionary propagation patterns documented in gain performance testing of the Galtronics antenna line. Further information on the Galtronics antennas is posted at   

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