Southco EA-R01 series RF wireless controllerThe new Southco EA-R01 series RF wireless controller offers simple, one-touch remote locking of multiple access points. It is specifically designed to deliver enhanced security and durability via a palm-sized transmitter and a compact potted receiver that can withstand harsh weather and off-road environments.

The wireless remote controller provides secure storage and monitoring access in applications for commercial, specialty and off-highway vehicles. It emits both visual and sound confirmation upon locking and unlocking, eliminating the need to manually check individually secured compartments. The wireless controller accommodates multiple latch points from a distance of 100 feet.

“The wireless controller is ideal for the environmental and storage needs of utility trucks, marine craft, RVs and ambulances,” said Steve Spatig, business development manager at Southco. “The advanced and rugged RF remote access controller design gives customers full confidence in the security of their equipment, and that’s Southco’s ultimate goal.”

The EA-R01 series RF wireless controller offers the following features:

• Modifiable output types and timing;
• User-friendly transmitter programming with easy set-up;
• Transmitter branding of color, style and design;
• A third button available for additional output;
• Up to four transmitters per unit;
• Sequenced outputs to minimize battery drain;
• Waterproof and dustproof receiver to an IP67 rating; and
• Temperature range from -29 °C to 82 °C.