CardMobili announces the formal launch of its Dutch-version smartphone loyalty apps, developed with its partner, Cards Unlimited BV. With new versions of the CardMobili apps now translated for Dutch users, Cards Unlimited is able to offer mobile loyalty cards for iOS, Android and WP7 smartphones, across its established major-brand customer base.

Cards Unlimited is a market leader in the production and mailing of personalised plastic cards for the loyalty, gift and banking markets. It is spearheading its growth into mobile loyalty and membership through CardMobili’s apps and cloud-based data handling services, as Patrick van Etten, of Cards Unlimited B.V., explains:

Cardmobili“Our partnership with CardMobili began this summer, and it has rapidly strengthened our position as a leading innovator in the Dutch personalised-card market. Our customers, including brands such as M&S Mode and Makro Netherlands, are enthusiastic about offering smartphone-based loyalty and promotion schemes, to take full advantage of the ever-expanding smartphone user base in Holland. Consumers expect their smartphones to be universal, multi-purpose devices, with the ability to handle loyalty and coupon-discount transactions to the same level of sophistication as other tasks.

“CardMobili’s multi-platform apps achieve exactly that, backed by the seamless handling of each transaction via the cloud, from point of use through to the secure interaction and updating of a client’s details within the merchant’s own customer database. These facilities save the inconvenience of carrying physical cards or promotional-offer print-outs, while encouraging greater frequency of use and therefore a higher level of repeat transactions. This benefits the merchant and consumer alike, and represents a positive step from all points of view.”

Cards Unlimited’s extensive coverage of the Dutch market currently involves the management of some 25 million cards per year, and the company is now able to supply apps with brand-specific user interfaces, to ensure that the consumer experience provides the merchant with the maximum brand support.

In addition, Cards Unlimited is continuing to offer traditional-market physical plastic cards for customers that prefer that route, while at the same time deploying CardMobili’s solutions to develop the cards-on-your-mobile market swiftly and efficiently, capitalising on the growth area of mobile loyalty and membership services. Helena Leite, CEO of CardMobili, commented:

“Cards Unlimited is integrating the concept of mobile loyalty very successfully with its long-established customer base for physical cards. The ability of our cloud-based services to handle promotional coupon transactions, irrespective of whether or not they are tied to a particular loyalty scheme, enables offer-coupons to be delivered to a consumer on a purely location basis. This is widening the scope of the services that can be offered via our development partners such as Cards Unlimited, and brings us a step closer to implementing the digital wallet.”

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

November 1, 2011