AT4 wirelessFollowing in the footsteps of its T4010 LTE RF conformance testing solution, AT4 wireless has introduced the most compact and flexible LTE RF test system in the market for design verification and pre-conformance, the T4010 DV. This new test system offers a unique environment that allows the creation and/or customization of dedicated RF parametric test cases, based on configurable test methods. AT4 wireless T4010 DV also provides a comprehensive set of test cases following the 3GPP 36.521- 1 test specifications to easily perform out-of-the-box pre-conformance testing of LTE
UE designs.

Available in two hardware configurations, one-box and full system, and supporting both FDD and TDD, T4010 DV provides extensive test coverage for all existing 3GPP bands up to 3 GHz, without costly hardware upgrades. Its powerful L1 logging capabilities enable quick and straightforward debugging of implementation issues.

Users are expected to utilize the T4010 DV tester during the early phases of development, to verify the RF characteristics of their designs and avoid costly redesigns and modifications in later phases of their projects. Its modularity and flexibility also makes the T4010 DV an ideal tool for quality assurance and manufacturing screening. 

”Our new Design Verification (DV) application enables our clients to maximize their testing strategies by using generic test methods that are easily and fully customizable. This application is our clear response to the current need in the market for a cost effective, flexible and straightforward R&D solution. Accuracy and modularity are important aspects of its design as well as its easy to use GUI. Our clients involved in LTE design and testing will find the T4010 DV tester a user-friendly tool with great debugging capabilities. As the DV solution shares its hardware configuration and software architecture with the T4010 RF conformance test system, maximum traceability to conformance requirements is possible, as well as software-only upgrades from DV to conformance and vice-versa. With the DV application, AT4 wireless confirms its commitment to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet the industry requirements as far as testing is concerned. With more than 15 years of experience in wireless testing and research applied to the development of test systems and solutions, AT4 wireless is a reliable technology partner for LTE solutions providers.” said Juan P. Hidalgo, LTE Product Manager at AT4 wireless.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor