- Compression Mount Contacts (CMT)

 - High speed transmission 12.5 Gbps

 - Complete product range: B, B+, AB, A+B+

 - Integrated YFLEX technology

 - Customized pin assignment possible

 - Acc. to PICMG Spec. ATCA 3.0 R2.0


Insulation Resistance

100MO min. @ 80V DC



<1dB @ 8GHz, <2dB @ 12GHz

Withstanding Voltage

80V rms / min.


Return loss

<20dB @ 5GHz, <13dB @ 8GHz

Differential Impedance

100O ± 10O


Cross-talk ratio

NE & FE <2%

Operating Temperature

-55°C to +105°C


Mating cycles

200 times

 Compression contacts on Au pad       =          NO press-in holes in PCB required

Fixing by stiffener and screws            =          NO soldering process

Mating reliability                                 =          NO guiding necessary

-Supports 12.5Gbps Transmission for Telecom Core Applications

-CN074 supports data transfer between AdvancedMC and AdvancedMC Carrier Board (blade) at 12.5Gbps and beyond, optimizing the performance of the AdvancedTCA system.

-CN074 is PICMG AMC.0 compliant.

-Technologies Behind the High-Speed Connectivity: CMT and YFLEX

-The high-speed connectivity is achieved by combining our unique connector-mounting technology, CMT (Compression Mount Technology), and our patented flexible circuit board, YFLEX. The combination of CMT and YFLEX reduces insertion loss and cross talk to the absolute minimum, ensuring data transfer rates of 12.5 Gbps and beyond with minimal signal loss.

-Covers Full Range of AdvancedMCs but Also Customizable

-CN074 not only covers the full range of standard AdvancedMCs but also allows for design modifications to meet your specific needs.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

November 1, 2011