TDI Power  TDI Power has recently introduced its 2.5kW Mercury Rectifier solution with up to 400V DC output. The high voltage Mercury rectifier module can be integrated into a TDI Power system or used as an OEM building block for customer specific applications (Subject to appropriate safety and thermal management conditions). With scope to provide nominal output voltages between 270V and 400V, the module is ideal for an array of industrial, vehicular, and battery based solutions.

Features Include:
• 230VAC Input—2.5kW (110VAC—1.2kW max)
• 376V DC Nominal Output
• Output can be factory preset between 400V and 270V
• Output can be programmed via a 0-5V DC signal
• 92% Efficiency @ 208V AC input and 70% load
• Hot Bus Plug-In, N+1 redundant

TDI Power is a global manufacturer of Power System Solutions for the Industrial, Military/Aerospace and Medical markets. We have a broad range of high technology power conversion products including DC and AC Power Systems, Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Converters and accessory equipment. Established in 1960, TDI is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, has over 700 employees and three facilities located throughout the world.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

October 21, 2011