BPM Microsystems announces the release of BitBlast for 8th Generation and Flashstream MK2 device programming solutions. BitBlast is a Vector Engine Co-Processor enhancement that is able to achieve the fastest programming speeds for high-density managed NAND devices that utilize the eMMC interface.

For instance, by using BPM Microsystems’ model 2800 with the new BitBlast technology, the company was able to reach a program plus verify time of 460 seconds on Toshiba’s 4 GByte THGBM1G5D2EBAI7, beating its nearest competition by 307 seconds. Data I/O’s FlashCORE III with SuperBoost achieved a program plus verify time of 767 seconds on the same device.

“The 8th Generation product line has been a great success,” said Colin Harper, director of sales and marketing. “Customers really see the value when they compare the unbeatable performance and low programming cost per device against other solutions. The BitBlast innovation redefines programming performance for many NAND devices. We are excited to see customer response when they experience the huge improvements.”

The Vector Engine Co-Processor is designed to accommodate the technological advancements in the device programming industry. As newer and faster devices are introduced onto the market, the Vector Engine Co-Processor with 8th Generation and Flashstream MK2 programming technology adapt to the faster speeds.

Because BitBlast can be attained via firmware changes, all 8th Generation and Flashstream MK2 customers with models 2800, 3800, 4800, 2800F-MK2 and 3000FS-MK2 plus with a current support agreement can take advantage of the enhancement by downloading the latest version of BPWin.

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