Bakrie_TutorialSmith Micro Software announced PT Bakrie Connectivity’s selection of the new Smith Micro Experience Manager platform in Indonesia. The solution, which enables mobile users to access and manage wireless services through a convenient “digital dashboard,” is designed for a full range of mobile devices on the AHA (Affordable Hyper speed Access) network, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, USB modems and mobile hotspots.

“The mobile internet is booming in Indonesia, a country with 238 million residents and more than half carrying mobile devices”

Evolving from Smith Micro’s industry-leading connectivity solutions, the Experience Manager platform enables end-users to manage their broadband connections and data plans across devices and networks, while providing convenient access to relevant content and mobile services. For wireless operators, the Experience Manager platform helps to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction by simplifying broadband usage for end-users, while leveraging device real estate to promote operator and partner services that increase ARPU.

The Experience Manager platform at PT Bakrie Connectivity provides an unique, engaging user interface for subscribers to easily access to the carrier’s services on the AHA network, such as AHA-MyTV and AHA-Mail, as well as popular social applications like Facebook and Twitter. Friendly set-up wizards and tutorials, along with account and usage information, are designed to increase subscriber stickiness and further drive broadband usage, while helping to reduce support calls for PT Bakrie Connectivity.

The Experience Manager platform also provides new opportunities for PT Bakrie Connectivity to grow revenues by using proactive alerts and context-based advertising to sell higher-tier data plans, promote new services, and offer premium content directly from the carrier or from partners.

“The mobile internet is booming in Indonesia, a country with 238 million residents and more than half carrying mobile devices,” said Erik Meijer, President Director and CEO of PT Bakrie Connectivity. “We are very excited to launch this new mobile internet dashboard for our customers. We have worked hard and closely with Smith Micro to get to a relevant version of their Experience Manager customized for our needs in the Indonesian market. The result will provide a substantially enhanced customer experience and provide us with another competitive advantage in the market.”

“Our new Smith Micro Experience Manager platform provides a consistent, convenient broadband experience for end users, regardless of device type, and generates new revenue opportunities for wireless operators,” said William W. Smith Jr., President and CEO of Smith Micro Software, Inc. “We’re delighted that PT Bakrie Connectivity has selected Smith Micro to help them deliver world-class wireless services first to their subscribers.”

The Experience Manager platform is built on Smith Micro’s core client architecture which leverages SODA™ to create a consistent interface across mobile devices. The platform supports optional plug-in modules, including network optimization solutions from Smith Micro that help operators to control device tethering, offload network traffic to WiFi and WiMAX, and measure the subscriber experience with on-device analytics. Premium end-user applications can also be integrated into the platform, such as visual voicemail, voice-to-text, and video delivery solutions from Smith Micro, as well as operator-provided and third party applications.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Associate Editor