Posedge, a leading supplier of Wired/Wireless Secure Networking Semiconductor Intellectual Property solutions has expanded its IP portfolio by announcing the availability of ONFI-3.0 compliant Universal Flash Controller (UFC). Storage capacity and access speeds are the key differentiators for NAND flash Controllers and Posedge's ONFI-3.0 compliant UFC provides a standard NAND Flash device interface conforming to the new standards while maintaining backward compatibility with the earlier versions of the standard.

The IP provides the following new features in line with the standards and market requirements for different applications:
-- Data rates up to 400 MT/s
-- Up to 40 bits of ECC
-- Optional multi-ECC engine approach for higher throughput in error
-- 2K to 16K page sizes
-- 256B to 1KB Sector-size for ECC

Posedge UFC offers unmatched flexibility by supporting both SLC and MLC flash memories and can operate with NOR Flash, SRAM and Serial Flash devices giving customers unmatched flexibility in their design.

"Posedge ONFI-3.0 compliant UFC provides extreme flexibility with respect to Sector/Page sizes, bits of error correction etc. to make the controller suitable to various applications. The delay tap circuitry and the PHY logic also enables connecting to NV-DDR-2 devices," said Mr. Chakra Parvathaneni, Vice President Marketing, Posedge Inc. The design supports several advanced features like supporting multiple ECC engines, multi-channel Flash Support, and Auto-Boot Modes.

As NAND Flash capacity increases, controllers need to provide greater performance and flexibility. Posedge UFC supports up to 128 Gb of Flash Memory and 400 MT/s for adaptation into SSDs and other high performance applications.

"Posedge also provides a total solution for NAND Flash development via our FPGA based Software Development board, along with the necessary drivers for the testing of various NAND, NOR Flash and SRAM for simultaneous Software development enabling customer a quicker development path to market", added Mr. Chakra Parvathaneni.

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