MMCU-4Laird Technologies announced the release of its enhanced MMCU-4 radio remote control receiver.

As part of the CattronControl series of remote control systems, the MMCU-4 is a highly configurable modular radio remote control receiver that features four slots which can utilize a variety of I/O cards such as output cards with relays, analog outputs, opto-coupler outputs and input cards for analog and digital signals. These cards are used to transmit data back to the operator, which is displayed on the transmitter unit as numerical values, text information, or a combination of both. Serial interfaces such as Fieldbus or Ethernet are also available and can be combined with any of the aforementioned I/O cards. For applications requiring more than four cards, an optional enclosure for up to seven cards is available.

The enhanced MMCU-4 features the addition of a high selectivity RF module which can operate in a TDMA channel access method, allowing for several radio remote control systems to share a single RF channel with several other systems. Due to the limited number of licensed frequencies available, this new enhancement makes the receiver an ideal device for users operating highly critical applications on those licensed frequencies.

“Worldwide, Cattron is one of only a few radio remote control suppliers who are capable of offering machine interfaces with this type of functionality and complexity,” said Frank Martin-Vazquez, Cattron Sales Director of Material Handling. “The MMCU-4 receiver can incorporate standard modules into its design, resulting in highly engineered remote control solutions that can be realized fast and cost effectively.”

The MMCU-4 receiver can be used in combination with the CattronControl LRC-M1 and LRC-L1 transmitters. However, a combination with stationary control stations is also common.

Cattron, a unit of Laird Technologies, has assembled the most comprehensive collection of radio remote control brands for material handling equipment, mobile equipment, and virtually any equipment where the operator can be moved to a safer, more efficient location. With 65 years of radio frequency (RF) and industrial wireless remote control experience, the company has approximately 7,000 customers with a total installed base of over 150,000 wireless remote control systems throughout the world. 

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