KTK ConnectorsAmphenol Industrial has enhanced its KTK connectors with downhole microD pigtails. These new pigtails, manufactured according to customer specification and direction, eliminate the costly and tedious task of wiring and soldering Amphenol's KTKs to microDs, saving both time and money.

Featuring a bi-directional psi of 20,000, Amphenol's KTK high pressure downhole connectors for oil and gas downhole tools offer a high pressure and high temperature sealed connection standard in the downhole industry.

The enhanced connectors are ideal for the roughest applications that require low maintenance, extreme accuracy and dependability while remaining flexible and limiting the risks associated with in-hole loss. Fully compatible with Kintec and GE Tensor layouts, Amphenol's well-constructed KTK connectors are ideal for use in MWD (measurement while drilling) systems, LWD (logging while drilling) tools and downhole batteries.

Because cable assemblies provide service companies crucial information including the type and severity of downhole vibration, drillstring rotational speed and smoothness, downhole temperature and drill bit torque; durable and consistent connectors that can withstand unforgiving conditions are essential in oil and gas drilling.

Amphenol's KTK downhole connector product line uses machined glass-filled epoxy, a strong thermoset plastic that retains its mechanical properties in extremely high temperatures. The KTK downhole connectors are available in a medium temperature version that withstands temperatures to 170°C and a high temperature version that withstands up to 200°C.

To further extend the component's life and prolong mating cycles, the connectors are designed with gold contacts, a Viton O-ring and solder pot connections.

Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks ARO.

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