Zenprise announced Zencloud, the industry’s first cloud based mobile security and device management solution with a 100 percent SLA. This innovative and comprehensive security offering protects the entire mobile enterprise in a truly scalable and flexible way.

The growing mobile enterprise requires more than just secure devices; enterprises require safety from tampering and theft of information and applications. Additionally, enterprises seek solutions that can move beyond small pilot programs to protect the entire enterprise with a level of resiliency and redundancy not previously available.

“To protect the entire mobile enterprise, Zenprise has built solutions from the ground up to offer products that are scalable, fault tolerant and resilient,” said Jayaram Bhat, Zenprise CEO. “Since any outage can potentially create security vulnerability, today’s announcement of our new cloud based solution and 100 percent SLA demonstrates our uncompromising level of service and support while backing it up financially.”

Zencloud: Comprehensive Security and Flexibility in the Cloud
Building on Zenprise’s strategy to provide security beyond the mobile device, Zencloud is a cloud offering that offers the flexibility to run in several modes - as a public cloud, a private cloud, or in a hybrid mode. This innovative offering is the only one of its kind available today. Zencloud enables enterprises to perform core mobile device management functions and set security policies on devices, while also enforcing these policies. This enables them to seal the enterprise perimeter from mobile threats; thereby making it a “closed-loop” solution.

Mobile device management, including enrolling new users, configuring new devices, provisioning applications and security policies are all handled in the public cloud. This provides customers with a comprehensive set of functions that help get mobile devices into a managed state.

The optional hybrid mode leverages the Zenprise Secure Mobile Gateway™, delivering advanced mobile security at the enterprise perimeter. This hybrid offering provides comprehensive security including blocking unmanaged devices, users and blacklisted applications. Customers can also set up rules to permit certain device types or operating systems onto the corporate network.

Zencloud: 100 Percent SLA
Zenprise is providing Zencloud customers with an unprecedented 100 percent SLA. Under terms of the SLA, if a customer experiences any downtime as a result of an outage, Zenprise will provide service credits for every minute of downtime.

Powered by Citrix XenServer®
Operating from best-in-class data centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, Zenprise is the only company providing a cloud solution that can block mobile access at the perimeter of the network. The ZenCloud solution is running on the Citrix XenServer platform.

“XenServer is designed to optimize scalability while improving performance and ensuring that application requirements and expected performance levels are always met,” said Gordon Mangione, vice president of business development, Datacenter and Cloud Division, Citrix. “XenServer is an ideal platform for the Zenprise solution, providing the power needed to help enterprises accelerate and grow their mobile cloud operations.”

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