Myriad Group AG announced an agreement to ship Myriad’s Jbed Advanced Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on Qualcomm Incorporated’s Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MPâ„¢).

Myriad’s Jbed Advanced, a market-proven Java ME platform, will be pre-integrated and optimized for Brew MP to boost application performance and deliver dynamic experiences on mass-market phones. Incorporating Jbed Advanced as part of Brew MP will help minimize integration costs, and dramatically improves time-to-market for OEMs.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Qualcomm to extend the reach and scale of our Jbed Advanced JVM. Millions of consumers will benefit from Java applications and more engaging mobile experiences across a range of mass-market devices,” said Ed Zylka, vice president and general manager, North America, Myriad Group.

“By incorporating Myriad’s Jbed Advanced as part of Brew MP, we are able to simplify the process of making a market-proven JVM available to our OEM customers. OEMs will benefit from simplified development and faster time-to-market,” states Jason Kenagy, vice president of product management for Qualcomm Internet Services.

Jbed Advanced, Myriad’s highly optimized Java engine, powers one out of ten phones in the market today. Built for best-in-class performance to ensure faster start-up and response times, Jbed Advanced will enable Brew MP mobile users to run advanced services on mass-market devices.

About Myriad Group:
Myriad Group AG is a global leader in mobile technology and has shipped over 3.8 billion software applications in more than 2.2 billion mobile phones. Its comprehensive portfolio includes browsers, messaging, Java, social networking, user interfaces and middleware for all types of mobile phones, from ultra-low cost handsets to advanced smartphones.

The company provides both individual components and complete solutions, which enable handset manufacturers and operators to deliver amazing experiences on mobile phones. Myriad also develops USSD-based customer self-care platforms that deliver over 10 billion messages a year to 220 million mobile users across more than 35 mobile operators worldwide.

Myriad was created from the combination of industry leading companies, Esmertec and Purple Labs. It operates worldwide, with offices in Switzerland, France, UK, USA, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Headquartered in Dübendorf Zürich Switzerland, Myriad is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX Symbol: MYRN).

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