A new mobile app was launched in time for Wimbledon. Called Pocket Wimbledon the new app created using the MobileNationHQ platform will allow tennis fans to check schedules of play and live scores, as well as locate their nearest tennis club based on their current location.

The app is free and is available to iPhones and Android users. It has been designed by MobileNationHQ to help improve the overall Wimbledon experience for fans, making the visitor experience more enjoyable and transform how fans keep up with the action at Wimbledon 2011.

As a convenient companion to the famous tennis tournament, the Pocket Wimbledon app will also allow visitors to locate their local tennis clubs throughout the UK if the Wimbledon Championship has inspired them to become the next Andy Murray.

Consumers can take a photo of the *QR code to transfer the app to their iPhone or Android device from here:

*Consumers will need to have a QR code reading app installed on their iPhone or Android device. MobileNationHQ recommends either the Red Laser app for iPhone users, or the Google Goggles app for Android users. Both QR code reading apps can be downloaded for free from their respective app stores.

"The Pocket Wimbledon app has been designed to enhance the way people experience and engage with this year’s Wimbledon action,” said Tod Pedler, CEO of MobileNationHQ. “We believe that the geo-location aspects of the app will add an extra layer to the Wimbledon experience whether you are at the Championships, or enjoying on television.”

As well as being the perfect complement to the action, the Pocket Wimbledon app was created to showcase how anyone, whether novice or expert, can use MobileNationHQ to quickly and easily design and create a custom mobile app with no prior experience.

“We created this fully formed app in just eight hours. We didn’t need to engage a whole team of developers, or wait for app store approval in order to distribute it,” continued Pedler. “With the right tools, anyone can now build and distribute a mobile app that provides engagement for their audience.”

Designed and built in just eight hours, the app highlights how MobileNationHQ’s drag-and-drop environment can be used within a web browser to build and publish feature rich mobile applications by following a simple step-by-step process. Once developed, these apps can then be quickly distributed to run on iPhone and Android devices, without the need to be published through an app store such as iTunes or the Google Marketplace. The development tool is therefore ideal for companies and end users alike who are looking for an application to cater for their own specific needs.

“We believe that everyone will soon have a mobile app regardless of whether they are a large or small business, community group, club or organisation. However, this will only become a reality if we learn to look outside of the app store model. Apps can provide targeted and specific functionality that can be shared within a community, be that community members or employees. But there is no need and now no longer the requirement to distribute that with the other 500,000 plus apps in the App Store,” said Pedler.