analogdevicesAnalog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance signal processing, today introduced a 16-bit D/A converter for wired and wireless communication systems that features the industry’s best combination of package size, speed and low noise. The latest member of ADI’s TxDAC data converter portfolio, the 16-bit AD9146 D/A converter achieves an industry leading data throughput rate of 1.2 GSPS (gigabits per second) and a low-noise specification of -164 dBm/Hz, in a 7 mm x 7 mm LFCSP package. The AD9146 D/A converter also integrates an 8-bit LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) interface and low-noise PLL (phase-locked loop) clock multiplier, which allow design engineers to implement up to six transmit channels using half the PCB space previously required.

The AD9146 features 2x and 4x interpolators with fine NCO (numerically-controlled oscillator) modulation that enables baseband signals to be placed anywhere in the D/A converter bandwidth to ease design engineers’ system frequency planning. The low noise figure and an IMD (inter-modulation distortion) of 81 dBc at 100 MHz help this component to achieve a superior ACLR (adjacent-channel leakage ratio) of 82 dBc at 122 MHz IF for W-CDMA single-channel applications.

AD9146 16-bit D/A Converter with 8-bit LVDS Key Features:

  • Flexible LVDS interface allows byte or nibble load
  • Single-carrier W-CDMA ACLR = 82 dBc @ 122.88-MHz IF
  • Analog output: adjustable 8.7 mA to 31.7 mA, RL = 25 O to 50 O
  • Gain and phase adjustment for sideband suppression
  • Multiple chip synchronization interfaces

The AD9146 can be designed into circuits for communications applications with ADI’s ADRF6701 750 MHz to 1160 MHz quadrature modulator and ADL5371 500 MHz to 1500 quadrature modulator.