Anaren, Inc. announced a new audio-focused member to its fast-growing line of Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules: the AIR line now includes the FCC-certified A8520E24A – featuring Texas Instruments 2.4GHz CC8520 PurePath™ wireless audio SoC (System on Chip), CC2591 range extender, and an integral antenna.

The new module is suitable for a wide range of wireless audio applications where uncompressed wireless digital, full CD quality audio (44.1/48KHz/16 bits) is crucial, including consumer, professional, portable, and digital audio products and equipment. Like all AIR modules, the A8520E24A module offers the simplicity, cost-savings, and fast time-to-market advantages of an all-in-one, plug and play radio…with no extensive RF experience required.

The attributes of TI’s PurePath™ solution include:

     * 2.4 GHz wireless Audio SoC

* Uncompressed wireless digital audio

* Robust RF protocol

* Full CD quality (44.1/48KHz/16 bits)

* No SW development needed

* Data side-channel.

Anaren’s AIR modules are an elegant, ‘plug and play’ RF solution – each module’s footprint being smaller than a postage stamp – for electronic engineers challenged with adding wireless capability to new or existing devices.

Applications for AIR modules range from industrial control, building automation, and low-power sensor networks – to lighting and equipment and appliances intended for smart-grid scenarios (e.g. automated meter reading).