Manufacturers of consumer electronics and home appliances need an offline switch-mode power supply solution that reduces external component count and increases reliability, while meeting or exceeding today’s stringent energy saving regulations.

To help designers meet this demand, Fairchild Semiconductor developed the FSL1x6 series of green-mode Fairchild Power Switch (FPSâ„¢) devices. These integrated PWM controllers include proprietary green-mode functions that provide off-time modularity to linearly decrease the switching frequency at light-load conditions to minimize standby power consumption.

Integrating pulse width modulation (PWM) and SenseFET technology, the FSL1x6 series is specifically designed for high performance offline switch-mode power supplies while using minimal components. Devices in the FSL1x6 series include integrated high-voltage power switching regulators that combine an internal avalanche-rugged SenseFET (650V) with a current-mode PWM control block, making them ideal for switch-mode power supplies in VCRs, set-top boxes, DVD and DVCD players, home appliances and LED lighting, as well as adapters.

The FSL1x6 series features low standby power,
The FSL1x6 series offers robust protection features including rugged ESD immunity (HBM: 5KV, CDM: 2KV), under voltage lockout protection, overload protection, output-short protection, abnormal over-current protection and internal thermal shutdown function with hysteresis, with All Auto restart mode. The FSL1x6 series also includes an optimized gate turn-on/turn-off driver, and temperature-compensated precision current sources for loop compensation and fault protection circuitry.

When compared to a discrete MOSFET and controller solution, the FSL1x6 series reduces total component count, overall design size and weight, while increasing efficiency, productivity and system reliability. These built-in protections eliminate the need for external components, simplifying designs and reducing bill of materials.

The series includes the FSL106HR, FSL106MR, FSL116HR, FSL116LR, FSL126HR, FSL126MR, FSL136HR and FSL136MR green-mode FPS devices. The FSL1x6 series is available in an 8-lead dual inline package.