DENVER -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- American Lighting recently announced three new high performance additions to its LED Wall Washer product family - the Linear LED RGB Wall Washer, the Linear Warm White LED Wall Washer and the Warm White LED Wall Washer. Used for architectural, façade and event lighting the LED lighting solutions provide warm white and colorful illuminations while cutting energy bills and maintenance costs.

“The latest additions to our LED wall washer product line provide vibrant and energy efficient solutions for all types of architectural structures while eliminating many ongoing maintenance issues,” said David Wilkins, CEO of American Lighting. “We’ve had great success with our LED wall washer line including installations at Invesco Field at Mile High and the Denver City and County Building to name a few, and are pleased to introduce the new Linear LED RGB Wall Washers, the LED Linear Warm White Wall Washers and the Warm White LED Wall Washers. Our new line of LED wall washer products provide customers with a broader range of lighting options, giving them increased flexibility and the ability to light hard to reach areas. This not only helps to achieve better lighting coverage but enhances existing implementations.”

With the ability to generate a full RGB color mix producing more than 16 million colors for brilliant color-changing effects the Linear LED RGB Wall Washer creates a dynamic wash of light that can be projected up to 65 feet. The slim design houses high intensity, low maintenance sets of red, green and blue LEDs that can last up to 100,000 hours.

The product also offers a full pan tilt control with a locking handle design, a durable die-cast powder coated aluminum housing that is IP65 rated for use in wet locations, and the ability to link multiple units together - facilitating synchronous lighting effects from a single controller.

These high intensity Wall Washers produce superior light output, are easy to install and provide for maximum on-site flexibility with an adjustable tilt design. Warm white units are a great retrofit option for traditional illumination sources such as metal halide or high pressure sodium, saving labor and maintenance costs with long-life LEDs (up to 60,000 hours.)

LED Linear Warm White Wall Washers feature:

* Slim design for maximum flexibility, even lighting coverage, and areas with little room for placement of fixtures.

* High power LEDs project light up to 65 feet

* Linear wall washers located end-to-end create even and powerful wall washing effects for high impact areas

* 3500K white LEDs provide a warm natural light not achievable with high intensity discharge sources

* IP65 Outdoor rated and sealed for use in wet locations * Versatile light positioning.

Warm White LED Wall Washer offer:

* Delivers 2600 lumens without heat build-up, using only 48 watts

* Each unit has its own cord with a grounded plug and is easy to install

* Bright wash of light is created with 36 high brightness LEDs that are projected up to 65 feet

* Outdoor rated, durable free-standing aluminum alloy housing is sealed for use in wet locations

* Natural light, beautiful color-rendering is provided with 3500K white LEDs.