MathWorks introduces MATLAB Coder, a new product for generating portable C/C++ code directly from MATLAB, eliminating manual recoding in the algorithm-to-implementation workflow.

MATLAB Coder generates standalone, portable and readable C and C++ code from your MATLAB algorithms. MATLAB Coder supports a subset of core MATLAB language features, including program control constructs, functions, and matrix operations. It can generate MEX functions that let you accelerate computationally intensive portions of MATLAB code and verify the behavior of the generated code.

Features and benefits include:

* ANSI/ISO compliant C and C++ code generation

* MEX function generation for fixed-point and floating-point math

* Project management tool for specifying entry points, input data properties, and other code-generation configuration options

* Static or dynamic memory allocation for variable-size data

* Code generation support for many functions and System objects in Communications System Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, and Computer Vision System Toolbox

* Support for common MATLAB language features, including matrix operations, subscripting, program control statements (if, switch, for, while), and structures.

MATLAB Coder is available immediately. U.S. list prices start at $6500.

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