SiTime Corporation recently introduced the SiT8004, one of the industry’s lowest power high frequency oscillators. The SiT8004 reduces oscillator power consumption by up to 66% and is ideally suited for high performance networking, video, computing and storage applications.

The SiT8004 MEMS-based programmable oscillator features 6.7 mA of typical current consumption at 125 MHz, which is up to 66% lower than that of a standard crystal oscillator. In addition to supporting any frequency between 125 MHz and 150 MHz, it is also available in popular, pre-configured options such as:

* 125 MHz and 125.00375 MHz for GPON, EPON and Gigabit Ethernet

* 133 MHz and 133.33333 MHz for MEMORY (DDR) and PCI

* 148.5 MHz and 148.35164 MHz for HDMI and Pixel clocks

* 150 MHz for SATA/SAS.

Additionally, the SiT8004 offers the following key features:

* Ability to configure the device to any custom frequency with 5 decimal places of accuracy, and receive samples within 1 week. Custom frequencies such as 125.00375 MHz (instead of 125 MHz) are used for Gigabit Ethernet to improve Bit Error Rate (BER).

* Excellent frequency stability, as low as ±20PPM that can enhance overall system stability in cloud computing applications.

* 100% drop-in replacement of quartz solutions in all four industry-standard surface-mount packages (7.0x5.0 mm, 5.0x3.2 mm, 3.2x2.5 mm and 2.5x2.0 mm)

* Superior robustness with 500 million hours in mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) that is critical to high reliability, fail-safe systems in networking, communication and servers

* Extreme ruggedness that is just not available from quartz. The device exhibits shock resistance of up to 50,000 G and vibration resistance of up to 70 G.

The SiT8004 is available in high volume production today. The list price for 10,000 units of the 125MHz SiT8004 in a 2.5x2.0mm package, 25 PPM stability, industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 °C) is $0.98.

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