MP Antenna announced the debut of its SenComm-NMO Multi-Polarized antenna. The company’s latest antenna provides superior patterning for mobile voice and data communication from 698 MHz to 999 MHz.

The device uses signals in all polarizations allowing you to transmit and receive all available signals in any environment and especially in those where standard antennas fail. The SenComm-NMO works with any radio or data device to ensure maximum reliability for emergency services.

The SenComm-NMO antenna is well-suited for a range of applications including public safety, 902 MHz to 928 MHz ISM, wireless broadband systems, smart grid monitoring systems, SCADA, and high obstruction deployments.

Product features include:

* Multi-Polarized

* Multi-band performance

* Built-in spatial diversity

* RoHS compliant

* Standard NMO mount

* One-year limited warranty

* Lightweight

* Easy installation     .

The device was tested and approved by emergency service providers, first responders, and utility companies. The SenComm-NMO antenna is priced at $74.95 and is available today at MP Antenna resellers. Go to for a list of national resellers.