RFMW, Ltd. and Bliley Technologies, Inc. have announced a worldwide distribution agreement effective January 1, 2011. Under the agreement terms, RFMW, with offices in North America, Europe and Israel, will market and have access to sell Bliley Technologies' complete line of Frequency Control Products.

Bliley Technologies, a leading manufacturer of crystal controlled frequency generation solutions, produces a broad array of standard and custom oscillators consisting of XOs, VCXOs, TCXOs and OCXOs. These products enhance RFMW’s large RF product offering. Bliley maintains a full range of RoHS compliant, low phase noise frequency generation products, and also specializes in designing and manufacturing Quartz Crystals using standard and custom cuts including SC, AT and IT configurations.

Within its 80-year history, Bliley has been engineering and advancing the technology of doubly-rotated, SC Cut crystals for more than 35 years. The company maintains comprehensive, advanced manufacturing capabilities for Swept Quartz SC Cut crystals, as well as satellite and space qualified crystal oscillators incorporating Z-Swept technology.

As electronics engineers seek to meet ever increasing demands for design flexibility related to environmental, power, space and performance requirements, many Bliley products can be manufactured to special frequencies and specifications at customer request. Bliley products are world renowned and used in Space, Satellite, Military, Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications, GPS, Mobile Communication and Industrial markets around the globe.

RFMW’s involvement in these diverse markets along with their component engineering skills and RF focused sales team provide customers with the best technology and unparallel support.

According to Joel Levine, president of RFMW, Ltd., “Teaming with Bliley Technologies as an authorized distributor now allows us to offer expanded design and engineering solutions for frequency generation components and assemblies. The Bliley products fit right in with our core strategy. RFMW is a specialty electronics Distribution Company focused exclusively on serving customers that require RF and microwave components.”

Dennis Barrick, Bliley's vice president of marketing and business development, added, "In our aim to increase marketplace awareness of Bliley's product lines, we expect that our new distribution agreement with RFMW will effectively complement the efforts of Bliley's full-time direct sales force and global network of sales representatives."