Vincotech has released Press-fit versions of its flowPIM® power modules. Enabling very easy and reliable mounting of power modules on PCBs, the Press-fit modules have the same footprint as Vincotech’s standard solder pin versions. Soldering is no longer necessary, since the power modules with press-fit technology are mechanically pressed in.

Vincotech’s standard flowPIM®0, flowPIM®1 and flowPIM®2 power modules feature a 3-phase input rectifier, 3-phase output inverter, brake chopper and supplementary thermistor for temperature sensing (PIM topology). These modules are now available with Press-fit pins, providing the same features as the standard-pin versions.

Vincotech’s new Press-fit technology drastically reduces PCB assembly time, effort and cost. This technology enables very easy and reliable mounting of power modules on PCBs, eliminating the need for soldering because the power modules are mechanically pressed in. The footprint is pin compatible with the solder-pin versions, so the same board layout can be used when standard soldered modules are replaced by Press-fit modules.

General features include:

•flowPIM®0: o600V, 6-30A o1200V, 4-15A oTwo housing heights available (12 and 17mm)

•flowPIM®1: o600V, 30-75A o1200V, 15-35A oTwo housing heights available (12 and 17mm)

•flowPIM®2: o600V, 50-100A o1200V, 35-100A •Same current capacity as solder pins

The flowPIM® power modules with Press-fit technology are the ideal solution for standard motor drives, servo drives and embedded drives. These power modules are in regular production; samples can be ordered via standard sales channels. More information on Vincotech’s flowPIM® power module family with Press-fit pins is available at Vincotech: By Topologies/flowPIM