Richardson Electronics is pleased to announce that we now supply ANADIGICS’ new industry-standard SOT115J hybrid CATV amplifiers utilizing their widely deployed and preferred technology, which was previously only available in surface mount packaging. Each new hybrid package consists of a Class A, balanced, highly linear GaAs amplifier, providing high gain, low noise figure, and low distortion. There are three separate hybrid versions now available: the ACA3742, ACA3747, and ACA3753. These products are ideal for use in distribution amplifiers, fiber nodes and line extenders in CATV infrastructure systems.

Important features of the ACA3742, ACA3747, and ACA3753:

* 40MHz to 870MHz Frequency Range

* Robust Gain:

o 21 dB Gain for ACA3742

o 25 dB Gain for ACA3747

o 28 dB Gain for ACA3753

* Gain Flatness as low as 0.2 dB across the band (40 ? 870 MHz)

* Superior ESD performance; as required for CATV infrastructure applications

* Great value provided with proven GaAs performance.

To order these products and/or to download datasheets, please visit the Richardson Electronics website, or call 1-800-737-6937 (North America); or find your local sales engineer worldwide at