Molex Inc. offers OEMs and their design engineers a comprehensive array of advanced switch and switch assembly options suitable for virtually every type of electronic device user interface. Industries served by Molex include: appliance, automotive, industrial equipment, medical device and diagnostics, military, telecommunications and a range of other product manufacturing sectors.

Membrane switches provide durable, lightweight and low-profile options for integrating user interfaces and electronic components.  Custom keypad and switch solutions may include membrane switches, embedded LEDs, display flex assemblies, polyester or metal dome arrays, PCB-substrate passive and active front panel keypads, and silicone rubber keypad assemblies.

Molex’s switch capabilities include:

* Low-profile control panel assemblies that are ideal for touch-pad applications, combining both the switch contact system and custom electronics into one complete package.

* Membrane switches with bonded LED assemblies. LED/display flex-circuit substrates offer a small, thin, highly reliable solution. Applying LEDs to flex circuits can now be accomplished with high-speed SMT and proprietary bonding technology.

 * Capacitive switches that incorporate solid-state circuitry in a robust interface that is highly resistant to multiple key presses, water, dirt, contaminants and EMI.

* Rubber keypads for a more switch travel, tactile and cosmetic appeal, offering the reliability of membrane switches with the aesthetics of silicone-rubber keypads.

* New to the market, low-profile ClipLok™ mechanical spring clip connector, which easily attaches membrane switch tail to a PCB—for reduced assembly costs and a less bulky alternative to other connection methods.

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