Black Sand Technologies, Inc. has launched two new 3G CMOS RF power amplifier (PA) product lines that significantly improve the reliability and data throughput of mobile phones, tablets and datacards. The product lines consist of six unique power amplifiers across multiple frequency bands.

The BST34 series of power amplifiers has been designed as a drop-in replacement for existing 3G GaAs RF PAs and, as such, are fully function and pin-compatible. Switching from GaAs to CMOS enables mobile device manufacturers to benefit from an improved supply chain, higher reliability, and lower cost.

The BST35 series, with its TrueDelivered™ high-performance power detector, improves total radiated power (TRP) performance by up to 2dB; reducing the incidence of dropped calls and increasing the data rates in real-world operating environments. The BST3501 is the industry's first chip to bring this functionality to the RF front end. The device's performance figures match or exceed those of GaAs power amplifier ICs for output power, linearity, efficiency and noise.

The first products in each series are available in February. The launch follows Black Sand's previous news announcing demonstration of the world's first 3G CMOS PA.

The BST34 and BST35 series are packaged in a 3 x 3 mm 10pin form factor. The BST34 series products include an integrated directional coupler with daisy-chain support, integrated overvoltage and over-temperature protection circuitry. The BST35 products include Black Sand's TrueDeliveredTM power detection technology and are robust to 100:1 VSWR, 10 times that of GaAs power amplifiers.

The BST34 product line includes: BST3401 for "2100" Band-1 (1920-1980 MHz), BST3402 for PCS Band-2 (1850-1910 MHz) and BST3404 for AWS Band-4 (1710-1755 MHz), Japanese Band-9 (1749.9 - 1784.9 MHz) and Latin American Band-10 (1710-1770 MHz).

The BST35 product line includes: BST3501 for "2100" Band-1 (1920-1980 MHz), BST3502 for PCS Band-2 (1850-1910 MHz) and BST3504 for AWS Band-2 (1710-1755 MHz), Japanese Band-9 (1749.9 - 1784.9 MHz) and Latin American Band-10 (1710-1770 MHz). These 3 products are packaged in a 3x3mm 10pin package.

The BST3401 and BST3501 chips and evaluation boards are sampling in February. The BST3402, BST3502, BST3404 and BST3504 will sample in Q2 2011.